Holders of Google’s connected speaker, Google Home, and its various variations including the Mini and Max that are already available, know it: the speaker is unable to understand two orders in a row. It is necessary each time to repeat “Ok Google” to activate a command which is quite disabling not to say annoying. This time is soon over.

A Google enclosure update will soon be deployed, according to the site Android Police , and it will indeed chain orders. But this remains limited.

Google Home will include two orders as a result

Some users, including Corbin Davenport, a reporter for Android Police who unveiled this novelty, have already obtained the update. Google Home is now able to understand two commands in a row. What better user experience and make more intuitive use of the connected speaker since the man is used to give orders afterwards.

So while before when we said ”  Ok Google, turn on the light in the living room and put on some music,  ” the speaker only included one or the other of the orders, usually the second speaker will understand both and perform them. It will no longer be necessary, once the update is deployed, to say ”  Ok Google, turn on the living room lamp  ” followed by ” Ok Google, put on some music  .

Two orders maximum … and still not on Google Assistant

According to Corbin Davenport, the connected speaker of Google is however limited: it does not include three orders or more given in a row. The giant Mountain View should improve this technology in the coming years, in theory, if it wants its enclosure to become the center of the connected home of its users.

In addition, the journalist warns that the update is not yet available for Google Assistant, the personal assistant of Google that the group offers on its Android mobile OS. Hard to believe that the ability to understand two orders in a row will not be deployed on Google Assistant: once it works for Google Home it also works for the personal assistant.


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