The Galaxy S8 Microsoft Edition will never be launched after Samsung, while Microsoft sells on its US online store a version with its applications. An ironic situation, Samsung has contacted several media to clarify the situation and explain what it really is.

Obviously the collaboration between Microsoft and Samsung on a Galaxy S8   in the colors of the Redmond firm is not relevant. Yet the American firm offers on its online store Galaxy S8 smartphones with preinstalled applications such as the suite Office and Cortana. However, as revealed by WindowsCentra l that has been contacted by the Korean, the Galaxy S8 Microsoft Edition has never existed and there is no question of launching it, although in the past this was considered by several media.

Galaxy S8 Microsoft Edition: its launch will never take place

Microsoft buries its mobile OS . Never mind, the company knows how to be open-minded and offers its applications on competing operating systems. Good news for the fans of the services and applications of the company. Shortly after the official announcement of the Galaxy S8 , there was talk of marketing a Galaxy S8 Microsoft Edition. A lot of water has flowed under the bridges, but Microsoft has finally offered on its site a Galaxy S8 with some of its preinstalled applications . However, this device is not directly from a collaboration between the Korean and the American. Samsung clarifies the situation about it.

Samsung Galaxy S8, Galaxy S8 + and Galaxy Note 8 devices are available at Microsoft online and retail stores with a unique Microsoft experience that ensures their customers, especially small and medium-sized entrepreneurs, an unmatched productivity experience. There is no “Microsoft Edition” brand for Samsung Galaxy products.

Although several flagship Samsung are offered at Microsoft offering a different experience including its custom interface through its Launcher. These devices are offered directly by the American to target a specific clientele and the brand “Microsoft Edition” is not on the program. In any case, users wishing to benefit from the US applications can turn to Google Play.


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