While the podcast is a media as old as iTunes, it is gaining interest in recent months, thanks to new business models and new concepts. Among them, Les Croissants, at the crossroads of the radio and the show on demand, adapts to our desires.

While YouTube and its YouTubers have become unavoidable in the media landscape, another format, older, is the resistance: the podcast. Almost exclusively designed for audio, the podcast is a format that pleases more and more, finding a second youth in recent times through several initiatives. There are many ” networks ” to be created around several programs, in a format often freer, less “formatted” than the radio. Qualiter produces very good programs like Studio 404, Trajectoires or C’est Cool C’est Quoi?, Frenchspin talks about technology, video games or mobile applications, while Geekzoneproduct – among others – the Demons du Midi, podcast dedicated to video game music. In short, whether amateur or not, the podcast can be heard everywhere, a trend that should still develop in the coming months with the massive arrival of voice assistants for the home. A recent article in Le Figaro draws up an encouraging overview of this type of media: more than 100,000 monthly plays for Qualiter or RadioKawa , advertising revenues that increase for many of them and, in general, a steady increase in the audience.

The French “podcastic” landscape is extremely developed and varied.


And among the new initiatives, we can now count on Les Croissants , a young French project created precisely by two former Radiokawa and SynopsLive, which will officially launch at the beginning of next year. The concept: an application to install on iOS and Android, allowing access every morning to a news program that adapts to the interests of the listener. Dozens of chronicles are recorded daily, on a large number of topics: politics, ecology, culture, international news, etc. At the first launch of the app, the user will choose the areas that interest him the most, then the time he wants to receive his morning. It is then downloaded to your smartphone, to be listened to at any time, even offline. In addition to personalized columns, Les Croissants offers a summary of the general news and weather adapted to our geographical area. A complete “offer”, halfway between what radio stations offer and the podcast.


Available in beta for a few hundred users since September, Les Croissants will be officially launched on January 8th. Denied advertising, the service will be offered for a subscription of 5 euros / month. A pre-subscription campaign has just started, which will make it possible to secure the financing of the start-up for a few months. Just like a crowdfunding campaign, the Les Croissants project currently needs € 25,000 to ensure that its creators look forward to the future.


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