Evan Spiegel seems to have understood that to find the way to success, Snapchat first needed to please its users. The new version of the messaging is thus more readable by separating the publications of friends of commercial content.

Evan Spiegel, boss of Snapchat, has just presented a new version of its messaging whose interface has been redesigned to be easier to understand. The home screen of the application has not been changed and we will always land on the “camera” function by launching it, but two streams of differentiated publications will now be able to separate the content uploaded by his friends. those offered by the media, brands and other advertisers. A slip of the finger to the left since the reception will allow to follow what is happening in his bubble of friends, while a shift to the right will show all kinds of sponsored, event and commercial publications in a category called “Discovery”.

For Evan Spiegel, this is a very important development that responds to one of the main demands of users to be able to sort between the content they have chosen and that which is imposed on them. The co-founder of Snapchat explains that, with this new version, he wanted to take inspiration from the recommendation systems that are the strength of services such as Netflix. Thus, by taking into account the history of user consultations and applying various algorithms, Snapchat hopes to be more likely to fly by presenting more targeted content. ” If the content that we come to highlight in the section Discovery correspond to the tastes and the expectations of the users, we are sure that it will often come to look at what it is

Finally, Evan Spiegel wanted to remind that the purpose of Snapchat would continue to persist, the service is a bulwark to traditional social networks: ” It is an alternative, a messaging on the image, where people can exchange photos and videos without the pressure of likes or comments .

This major change for Snapchat comes as stock markets put pressure on the company, they urgently find a more effective model of monetization. In the third quarter, the company posted a sharp rise in losses, reaching $ 443.2 million. In addition, if Snapchat continues to recruit new followers and slowly approaching the 200 million assets, the number of account openings tends to grow slower than before, which is not without concern to investors. Charge this new Snapchat to reverse the trend.


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