After Los Angeles (E3), Tokyo (Tokyo Game Show) and Paris (Paris Games Week), it is the turn of the city of Anaheim (California) to host the next conference of the Japanese firm. It is through the duo  Shawn Layden , president of Sony CE America, Sid Shuman, director of communication and the Playstation Blog that we learn more about the content of this event. At first, Sony wants to temper the expectations by announcing that this conference will not be of the same caliber as the previous ones, such as the last one having taken place at the Paris Games Week 2017  .

That said, we know some headliners confirmed by Sony for this Playstation Experience:

  • Ghost of Tsushima , Sucker Punch studio’s next game, known for the Infamous and Sly licenses
  • Dreams , the next game from Media Molecule studio, known for Little Big Planet and Tearaway licenses

For Ghost of Tsushima, we inevitably wait for a gameplay video because speculation is going well since the release of the first trailer. Is it the return of a Tenchu ​​game with infiltration and assassination? Or rather, an action / adventure game on the Onimusha as we can expect from Sucker Punch  ? Indeed, Sony’s studio has developed the Infamous franchise , a trilogy of games that began in 2009, and ends in 2014. So we can assume that  Ghost of Tsushima has been developing for about three years.



We can not wait to find out more about this new exclusive PS4 license!

As for Dreams , we are also in the dark. We know that Media Molecule wants to keep its Play, Create & Share philosophy , which is  wonderfully embodied by the Little Big Planet franchise . Through Dreams , Alex Evans, co-founder of the Media Molécule studio, says  “do not want to make a difference between creating, making and sharing”.

In spite of this good will to want to create an original playful experience, we do not know exactly where wants to take Dreams. This Playtation Experience will surely lift the veil on this new PS4 exclusive that fans of Little Big Planet are looking forward to.

First and foremost, the 2017 PlayStation Experience is expected to honor the Playstation VR. Sony seems to be preparing the ground for virtual reality to begin drilling in 2018. Proof is, the Japanese have announced that 19 Playstation VR titles will be playable during this Playstation Experience:

We are also told that the Anaheim Convention Center where this Playstation Experience takes place, offers a larger area than previous editions (+ 50%). This expansion offers Sony the opportunity to dedicate a space for competitions of Gran Turismo Sport . This will provide an opportunity to check the enthusiasm of players on the return of this legendary license and check the ambitions of Japanese around e-Sport.

For the rest, we hope to have information on some exclusive PS4 titles that Sony did not release recently: Days Gone , Death Stranding or Wild , the project of Michel Ancel who has been totally silent radio for some time. Of course, we would not be against playable versions of titles recently shown as Spider Man , God of War that are desired. It is thought that Detroit Become Human will be well put forward and that Sony could take advantage of this event to fix its release date.

In addition, we did not want to ignore the wish of all fans of Darks Souls or Bloodborne : the announcement of the next title From From Software. Can we hope for the probable announcement of a Bloodborne 2 ?

Finally, to be completely complete, here is the list of exhibitors and titles PS4 / PS VR which will be proposed during this Playstation Experience:


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