Freshly released in stores, the Xbox One X is already a huge success. Given its compatibility with a large catalog of games, however, difficult to know the titles that exploit the best machine …


The new Microsoft console is designed exclusively for owners of 4K and HDR TVs. Its high performance allows it to run games very greedy with native 4K resolution, with HDR processing and in some cases improved performance specifically for the support. Among the 170 games optimized for the machine, some titles only really take advantage of the potential of the machine … We have selected for you the four essential titles of the catalog of the Xbox One, which also exploit the best potential of the console …

Assassin’s Creed Origins

Among the most optimized titles for support is Ubisoft’s latest hit, the excellent Assassin’s Creed Origins , which, in addition to giving the franchise another direction, also takes full advantage of the console’s capabilities by turning into 4K native at 30 frames per second, with support for HDR and Dolby Atmos. The differences with the Xbox One version do not stop there since the title of Ubisoft also has the advantage of being more fluid on Xbox One X, and to propose more detailed landscapes, with a greater distance of display . As we know, games in open-world require a lot of computing power, and it will be interesting to see how titles like the next Red Dead Rockstar take advantage of the capabilities of the console.


Forza Motorsport 7

Big technical demo, Forza Motorsport 7 is a real showcase for the new Microsoft console. Because visually, it’s probably the title that undergoes the best facelift between Xbox One and Xbox One X, with visual effects more impressive. The title runs in native 4K, in HDR and all without blinking, at 60 frames per second. Whether you like motorsports or not, Forza Motorsport 7 is THE game to buy absolutely with your Xbox One X to impress friends!


Gears of War 4

If it has been out for a while now, Gears of War 4 has been entitled to a big update that makes it one of the best optimized titles for the Microsoft console. No “revolution” on the horizon, but small retouches that make the title even more beautiful, especially in terms of visual effects. The player here has the choice to choose between fluidity (at 60 frames per second) and performance (with a higher level of detail). Whatever his choice, the result will be impressive. However, not enough to give the player a reason to buy the machine.


Rise of the Tomb Raider

Another title updated copiously since its release, Rise of the Tomb Raider is entitled to three new modes in its settings, which allow it to take full advantage of the performance of the console. The player can again choose between fluidity or resolution (4K). However, there is also a fairly effective compromise between the two, which allows both to enjoy excellent fluidity and improved graphics. As in Gears of War 4, it’s the details that make the difference: whether it’s reflections in the water, visual effects or skin rendering, the Xbox One X proves that beauty is before everything in the details.



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