The concept of wireless broadband was rather unfamiliar to the majority of users a decade ago. The ability to upload or download thousands of megabytes per second was just as foreign. However, times have indeed changed. Technology is advancing at a truly frenetic pace and many of these benefits can be seen within the modern broadband community. Let us take a look at some of the features which are transforming this digital landscape as well as the choices that customers can now enjoy.

Fibre Optic Technology: The Wave of the Future

Fibre optics are arguably one of the most important leaps forward in terms of high-speed broadband communications. It has been shown that more than 21 per cent of consumers now have access to this method thanks to cheaper installation rates and the sheer demand for high-speed connections. Still, how does fibre optic work and what makes it so special?

As opposed to other forms of communications which make use of coaxial cable, fibre optic connections employ the power of light to send “packets” of data. As the wavelengths of light are unimaginably tiny, massive amounts of information can be sent or received at a given time. Another benefit associated with fibre optics is that this technology is much more reliable and the signal strength will not degrade over time. Such advantages are sometimes lacking when speaking of more traditional methods.

More Advanced Processors and Mobile-Friendly Services

There is no doubt that technologies such as fibre optic broadband have already transformed this amazing industry. However, additional credit needs to be given to the developers themselves. They have somehow managed to add even more power into their processors. Why is this important?

Let’s imagine for a moment that a consumer is working with an operating system from 2007. While he or she may enjoy nearly unlimited bandwidth, the operating system itself will not be able to support such data transfer rates. The end result is that they are literally throwing their money out of the digital window.

Processing power and storage capacities are now measured in gigabytes as opposed to megabytes. In fact, even the most basic of smartphones boasts more computing power than the Apollo spacecraft of the 1960s and 1970s. It is now quite uncommon to experience substantial lag times and the ability to stream HD videos has never been more of a reality. Still, what other benefits can the average consumer expect to enjoy?

Choices and More Choices

Most customers are able to name at least top three or four broadband providers within the United Kingdom. Names such as Virgin Media, Sky, O2 and EE often come to mind. This only makes sense, for larger organisations such as Virgin Media are providing some amazing broadband deals.

This could lead to a potential problem. How will the consumer be able to sort through the digital “fluff” and encounter the best package for his or her requirements? The simplest answer is to employ the objective expertise of third-party comparison sites such as Broadband Choices.

Not only will bundle plans be reviewed, but it is also possible to keep up to date with other packages such as SIM-only bargains, contracts for multiple users and the latest deals on smartphones. In other words, guesswork will no longer hinder the decision-making process.



Where are We Headed?

What might the future hold? This is quite difficult to predict, as it seems as if a new technology is being introduced on a monthly basis. However, there are already rumours that 5G communications will begin to come into practice in 2018. The presence of fibre optic cables is likewise set to become even more ubiquitous throughout the United Kingdom. There could even come a time when individuals will have unfettered access to a broadband connection in the most remote of locations.

The future looks very bright and if we utilise the past as any indicator, 2018 should represent yet another revolutionary year. This is the very same reason why the average consumer now needs to pay even more attention to the deals on the open market. Correct decisions will be able to save time, money and aggravation.


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