In today’s society many people are constantly trying to maintain status by having the latest of everything whether it is a new model car from the dealership, new laptop, or newest iOS mobile device. This lifestyle can be pretty expensive to maintain. However, there is room to reason when it comes to having the latest devices and saving money. Often times the latest mobile devices may have a few minor changes that are almost insignificant to its previous model. A phone for example can have a newly released model that has the same features as its previous model minor one two newer features. So when choosing a phone you should keep in mind the types of deals you can receive from deciding to purchase an older model compared to the pricey, newer model.

The iOS devices are very popular and many of them are used all over the world.

Apple is notorious for yearly releasing new model iOS devices that provide sleek design, user friendly functionality, fast processors, and unique device features. One of the popular, previous model iOS devices is the IPhone 8. The device is unlike any other phone of its class. When purchasing the iPhone 8 you will receive a great deal because the previous iOS device uses the same A11 Bionic chip which is the same chip used in the latest model. In addition, the battery life on the previous iOS device last 13-14 hours compared to the latest model which last between 12-13 hours. Further, the iPhone 8 64gb is fairly reasonable compared to the latest model iPhone X. You can expect to pay on average £700 dollars for an iPhone 8 64gb phone compared to £1,000 for an iPhone X. In addition, the touch identification feature on the iPhone 8 is a lot faster than the face identification offered on the newer iOS device. The cameras are generally the same in many aspects, both equipped with a 12 megapixel lens. Also, the older iOS device supports fast charging just like the iPhone X which is a great deal because you get the same benefits of the new model iOS device for a lot less money.

The iPhone 8 has features that are very similar to the latest iPhone X with the exception of one or two features. Deciding to buy an iPhone 8 64gb as opposed to the latest model iPhone is a great start. However, knowing the specs and functionality of the phone when making comparisons will help you realize you can purchase a highly efficient model that is capable of performing all of the same functions as the newer pricier iOS device; one notable difference of the iPhone compared to any other brand is its great user friendly operating system. Many mobile phone carriers will provide you with additional clearances and deals if you decide to choose an older model iPhone such as the iPhone 8 as opposed to the newest model iPhone X because of its popularity and recent release.

Some providers will also provide individuals who purchase the iPhone 8 with free gifts depending on the length of contract you commit to.

Some of the deals and promotions that come with an older iOS device may include a free tablet, phone case, headphones, laptops, and or flat screen televisions.

These are simply a few perks that many mobile retailers pitch to you in order for you to join their network, commit to purchasing a phone, and to sell you a popular device. Also, retailers will have various contract lengths and stipulations. Some will provide you with contracts that range from 12 months, 18 months, and 24 months depending on the provider. In addition, some of the great stipulations are that if you decide to upgrade anytime soon, you will have to wait until you complete the end of your contract before proceeding with an upgrade. Lastly, there are some deals, depending on the retailer, that if you decide to purchase a later model phone you may upgrade at any time.


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