It has only been a decade since the first iPhone was released into the market and yet it feels like smartphones have been with us for an eternity. However, smart technology has been improving and advancing over time leaving even the most fiscally conservative people, replacing their smart devices a couple of times through that era.

A new upgraded phone will handle some tasks that your old device couldn’t. Even though you might be forced to move on from your old phone, doesn’t mean it is rendered useless. Your old phone may have outdated looks and specifications, but there’s a lot it can still do. So how do you utilize your old phone’s potential to make maximum use out of it?

Security Camera

People are adapting to the use of cameras in their homes for security purposes. But why should you invest in an expensive home security camera set when you could equally derive the same utility from using your old phone as a camera? There are numerous applications available on both Android and iOS that allow phones to equal to security cameras. It only takes the cost of your old phone to watch your baby, property or pet when you are away.

A Specified Gps Unit For Your Car Or Bike

Do you want to invest in a GPS tracker for your new car? Sounds like an extra expense after draining your pockets? Well, an old device will make a fantastic alternative to a GPS tracker when attached to the right holder and charger. The best thing about this option is that your old device doesn’t need to be connected to data connection or a sim card to rightly function as a GPS tracker.

Kitchen Assistant

With all the daily hassle today, it’s hard to keep tabs with hard copy cookbooks and recipe leaflets. Currently, those bulky cookbooks that our grandmothers and mothers loved to use have been replaced by soft copy articles found on Google and other cooking websites. Turning your old iPhone 6s 16GB into a primary source of kitchen recipes helps keep your main new device clean and free from oily fingers.

Your Kid’s First Device

While you may be comfortable with buying your child a new device, the chances are high that the newly, largely invested device may not last as long as you may desire. Secondly, your child may not be concerned with the latest versions of a device hence won’t bother inheriting an old phone. Install applications that will help sharpen your child’s mind. The device may be useful or destructive to your child depending on how you monitor their actions.

Use it as an alarm clock, desk calendar or reminder

Many people are already using their phones as alarm clocks. But why not dedicate your old phone for such purposes. Let your old phone handle the simple tasks like keeping you updated with your scheduled appointments and calendar that doesn’t need to be updated every other year.

Donate It to Charity

While your old iPhone device may seem useless to you, the same old device may be of great help to someone somewhere. Recall, one person’s trash might be another person’s treasure. You can help someone save cash in buying something that will go straight to the dumpster.

Donate To Oxfam

Oxfam is a UK based organization whose primary objective is fighting poverty across the globe. They fix used devices and then sell them in which these funds obtained are used to buy necessities for the less fortunate. You can be a part of this noble cause by donating any of your old devices.

Trade-In And Resale

Do you need a new phone but don’t have all the cash to purchase the desired new phone? Some device dealers are ready to sort that issue for you buy trading in for the new phone. Ideally, you cannot trade in an old but well maintained iPhone 4 for a new iPhone 6s 16GB. So how do make this a reality? An iPhone 6s 16GB is relatively expensive which means you will need to give out your old phone plus a little more cash to settle a fair deal.


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